Customize Direct Mail/Signs to Match AquaValue Videos

AquaValue Materials to Match the Videos Watermark has created postcards and signage to accompany the AquaValue videos. These can be completely customized for your company and may be eligible for Lonza co-op. To see samples, visit the Watermark website. To have us create some for you, please contact Melissa, Watermark’s Director of Client Services, at […]

The Rules of Brand Attraction

This article first appeared in the Fall 2013 edition of Aquatalk. We thought it might be worth resurrecting. Marketing is a lot like a first date: your ultimate goal is to attract. Think back to your first dates. You probably spent some time agonizing over your pants, switching shirts, studying yourself in the mirror. Basically, […]

Top 3 SEO Tricks to Get Your Pool Website More Business

Top 3 SEO Tricks to Get Your Pool Website More Business Here at United Aqua Group, our job is to keep our partners happy and grow their businesses. We offer a variety of specialized products and services dedicated to growing your pool business – but our most recent service is online marketing. We wanted to […]

Cash in on Co-op

Ah yes, cooperative advertising. You might know it better as co-op, but do you recognize it for what it is? Co-op is essentially free money that vendors allocate towards marketing and advertising to help you, and them, reach target markets and gain exposure. Surprisingly, many companies leave a large percentage of those free co-op dollars […]

Collect those emails.

The question is not: will direct mail die. The question is: when will it die. Right now, those glossy postcards are nearing retirement. When properly used, they can still be smart mediums for reaching folks, especially since not everyone has moved wholeheartedly into the digital age. But we are in the digital age. And the […]