Cash in on Co-op

Ah yes, cooperative advertising. You might know it better as co-op, but do you recognize it for what it is? Co-op is essentially free money that vendors allocate towards marketing and advertising to help you, and them, reach target markets and gain exposure. Surprisingly, many companies leave a large percentage of those free co-op dollars untouched. That’s a mistake.

Leveraging co-op to maximize your promotional or advertising efforts can really boost your brand. Sure, vendors have specific marketing requirements that dictate the use of logos, messages, and space attributed to their products. Often vendors require pre-approval or submission afterwards to ensure compliance with standards. But it’s not as complex as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty straightforward. Especially if those vendors offer pre-approved marketing materials you can purchase using your co-op funds. Many will offer direct mail pieces, brochures and signage you can use to help your own sales. If you want to co-brand materials, then make sure your designer follows the vendor’s co-op standards. Vendors don’t make it hard. They want you to use those funds. It helps them as well as you.

If money doesn’t grow on trees, and we wish it did, why would you leave it on the table? Take advantage of co-op programs and turn those funds that might be currently collecting dust into additional revenue.

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