Top 3 SEO Tricks to Get Your Pool Website More Business

Top 3 SEO Tricks to Get Your Pool Website More Business

Here at United Aqua Group, our job is to keep our partners happy and grow their businesses. We offer a variety of specialized products and services dedicated to growing your pool business – but our most recent service is online marketing.

We wanted to drop you a line and let you know about the top 3 tricks you can do in-house to grow your website. If you take our advice and do these items consistently, your website will grow and defeat your competition on Google.

  1. Top SEO Trick #1: Content, content, content!

Whether you’re giving tips on how to deal with pesky algae problems, writing tips on how to keep your pool safe, or writing articles on how to open your pool – content is KING in SEO! Write, write, write, and post, post, post.

Google wants to have the industry experts on the first page of their search results. How could Google think you’re the expert if you have less content on your website than the competition? It can’t!

Love the idea but don’t have time for writing content on your website? No problem. Call us and we’ll get you a free quote on SEO or social.

  1. Top SEO Trick #2: Incoming links are super valuable.

Incoming links are counted as “votes” from other websites and speak to the importance of your website. So, if website A has 100 incoming links and great content, and website B has 25 links and great content, website A will rank higher on search engines.

To get incoming links, reach out to your friends and partners in the industry. Get other pool businesses to link their websites back to yours. Write up a blog post and send it to another pool blog – this is called guest blogging and works really well for incoming links.

Other ways to get incoming links: participate in forums (don’t just spam them – actually participate in the conversation), do free giveaways and have sweepstakes websites link back to you, and get others to share you on Twitter and Facebook. All of these generate incoming links.

  1. Top SEO Trick #3: Give away free stuff!

People love free stuff.

Host a giveaway once a month on Facebook. We’d be happy to plan and set up monthly giveaways for you, and this is what you’ll receive as a benefit of these giveaways:

  • New likes on Facebook
  • Shares on Facebook
  • Incoming links from other websites who are posting your free giveaways
  • Sign ups to your email news letter

Feel free to give us a call and we can help you set one up.

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